Did Trump maintain his 19 promises to insulate himself from his business? Only he knows.

Ays earlier than he took workplace in January 2017, Donald Trump set up a stage in New York flanked by a group of lawyers and stacks of manila envelopes to offer his solution to a query no different modern-day president has faced.

The papers and the attorneys were there to explain how Trump might concurrently serve in the state’s maximum workplace and preserve his possession of a worldwide commercial enterprise empire emblazoned together with his name. Trump declared that he became “turning over whole and overall manipulated to my sons,” then had his attorney element a six-web page plan to insulate the businessman-president from capability conflicts of the hobby.

It contained 19 guarantees to do with everything from Trump placing his property in a revocable agree with to walling himself off from statistics about his namesake business enterprise.

Two years later, Trump has saved at the least eight of his promises — though now and then in ways professionals said did little to solve the conflicts. But information about his commercial enterprise is so secretive that for almost all of the rest, the best way to know whether or not Trump stored he promises to take his word for it.

That should trade as federal prosecutors, and congressional investigators press for more excellent information about Trump’s businesses.

The House’s newly dominant Democratic majority has stated it plans to conduct extensive-ranging examinations of the relationships among Trump’s commercial enterprise and his presidency. His guarantees – the volume to which they were kept, and the quantity to which they skirted some of the thorniest intersections between his commercial enterprise and his management – may want to offer one lens for accomplishing the one’s inquiries.

“The president has become the government of the USA right into a money-making operation for his family, his friends and himself,” said Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md, a member of the House oversight committee. “This is a whole betrayal of the constitutional layout.”

Meanwhile, the president’s business has sprouted new entanglements. Dozens of lobbyists and contractors nonetheless pay dues as members of his golf equipment, and some have acquired favorable treatment from his administration. At least eight of his clients had been appointed to senior government roles. His groups have commonplace payments from both the U.S. And foreign governments.

Trump faces court cases over his ownership of a lodge that caters to overseas guests. And his organization has ended up an important problem in criminal investigations that have loomed over his administration, one by using unique counsel Robert Mueller into Russian election interference and another examining illegal payments to 2 women who declare they’d had intercourse with Trump.

Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-Va., stated Democrats on the Oversight and Reform Committee have been worried approximately Trump’s business conflicts for the reason that earlier than he turned into sworn in due to the fact they idea his steps to separate himself from his commercial enterprise were insufficient. “All of these fears were borne out, and then some,” he stated.

Former Office of Government Ethics director Walter Shaub, who denounced Trump’s ethics plan the day it becomes introduced, said Trump “still gets an F for ethics” although he followed through on each one in every one of his guarantees.

“In some approaches, it’s like a bank robber saying any further I will only wear a blue blouse and yellow tennis footwear after I rob banks, after which reading whether or not he did that after he robbed banks,” he said. “It doesn’t alleviate the hassle.”

Neither the White House nor the Trump Organization spoke back to questions about the president’s guarantees.

USA TODAY tracked Trump’s 19 promises via reviewing kingdom and federal records, files assembled with the aid of prosecutors and different information groups. Together, they offer the most explicit image to date of Trump’s efforts to separate his government from his enterprise interests — even though after years, it remains relatively incomplete.

Here are all 19 of the promises:

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