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E.On awards SPCS UK’s ‘biggest’ domestic PV cleansing agreement

E. On has passed Solar Panel Cleaning Services (SPCS) what it claims is the largest home sun PV cleansing contract within the UK.

E.On has established sun on extra than three,500 houses after working with councils and housing associations across us of a. Cleaning of the panels has already begun, with all systems to be completed through the end of 2020.

E.On awards SPCS UK’s ‘biggest’ domestic PV cleansing agreement 1

Darren Box, part of E.On’s Business Energy Solutions group, stated: “Our clients depend on E. On to provide expert energy recommendations on lower-carbon solutions and a long-time period guarantee of reliability. Our settlement with SPCS is part of handing over that remarkable service to hold their electricity resources running effectively now and for the destiny”.

Hayley Gjerstad, managing director of Solar Panel Cleaning Services, stated they might be “thrilled” to be operating with E. As SPCS expands in the sun PV cleaning marketplace.

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