Electrocutes elderly mother who denied him money to shop for alcohol

Electrocution is what forty nine-yr-antique Rajendran from Idukki determined to inflict upon his mom for refusing to provide him her pension cash to buy alcohol. However, the victim, seventy one-12 months-old Mariyaselvam, became able to get away from demise narrowly.

The incident came about at Chinkara near Kumily in the Idukki district on Friday. The Kumily police arrested Rajendran on Saturday for trying to murder. According to the police, Rajendran became an everyday wage worker and frequently demanded cash from his mom for alcohol. His spouse and children reportedly abandoned him. The mother-son duo used to quarrel regularly.

Electrocutes elderly mother who denied him money to shop for alcohol 1

On Friday, while Rajendran requested the money, his mother refused. “That day, while the mother had long gone out, he removed an excessive voltage electric powered cord from the primary switch and related it to the lock of the primary door of the house. When the lower back attempted to open the lock, she was given an electric surprise, but escaped,” stated Kumily Sub Inspector Prasanth P Nair advised TNM.

Mariyaselvam was admitted to Kumily authority’s number one fitness center and then discharged to move domestic. After the incident, she filed a complaint at the Kumily police station, and the police arrested Rajendran.

“We have registered a case underneath phase 307 (Attempt to murder) of the Indian Penal Code. The accused may be produced earlier than the court docket,” the SI told TNM.

Rajendran and his mother stayed at tea estate quarters in Chikara, which is situated 14 km from Kumily. Mariyaselvam began working on the Harrisons Malayalam Plantations tea property.

“The accused did not offer right meals and scientific assistance to the mother,” said Kumily SI, adding, “Mariyaselvam has been surviving at the old age pension she received from the state government.”

This farmer may also lose his son to most cancers without pressing remedy, and your donation will assist them

thirteen-yr-old Basavaraj has been fighting cancer for 12 months and desires multiple rounds of chemo, radiation, and bone marrow transplant to live to tell the tale.

When Basavaraj became a little boy, he could run to his father, Nagappa, and climb on his shoulders the instant he stepped into the domestic. Nagappa, a farmer at Koppal, a small metropolis in Karnataka, labored tough inside the farm the whole day. He worked for a meager salary to offer for his circle of four relatives and struggled his way to make ends meet. There have been days when he didn’t earn enough, but they managed one way or another. Despite the shortcomings, they led to a content material existence, he says. However, things changed while their son turned into identified with severe contamination.

Basavaraj Needs Your Help, Donate Here.

Basavaraj grew up searching for his father’s struggles. His motivation stemmed from looking at better lifestyles for his family. “I will observe well and get an amazing process so that my father can devour correct food. He works so difficultly to send us to high school,” he would say as a 12-year-vintage. After getting back from the faculty, he could help his father inside the farms. Everyone cherished this devoted younger boy.

Last yr, while Basavaraj was given a fever, Nagappa took him to the local physician, who stated it changed into a common infection and prescribed him drugs. However, his condition started worsening with passing days.

Nagappa couldn’t understand why his son’s health was failing. He changed into dropping weight hastily and become getting weaker. He couldn’t even stroll well. When they went lower back to the local medical doctor, he encouraged taking Basavaraj to Bangalore for further examination. Nagappa borrowed money from his own family to buy teach tickets and took his son to Bengaluru.

After hours of diagnosis, the medical doctors instructed Nagappa that his son become suffering from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a sort of most cancers that starts in white blood cells. His eyes welled up the moment he heard the phrase most cancers. For him, it intended death. He started sobbing as he saw his son. The doctors consoled him and stated that his son may be stored with multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiotherapy followed with the aid of autologous bone marrow transplant.

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