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Authorities in the Marshall vicinity are looking for a car that surpassed counterfeit coins at a fast meal.FAKE $10 BILLS REPORTED AT MARSHALL FAST FOOD BUSINESS 1
The Marshall Police Department says Sunday that their suspect used fraudulent $10 payments at a Wendy’s. The suspect is described as a middle-aged white man with bald or thinning hair and a piercing close to his left cheek. His automobile is a late ’90s or early 2000s SUV, either a Chevy Blazer or GMC Jimmy, that became white or silver; it additionally had an unusually red-colored driver’s aspect.FAKE $10 BILLS REPORTED AT MARSHALL FAST FOOD BUSINESS 2
Anyone with facts about this use of counterfeit payments is asked to contact the Marshall Police Department or Silent Observer.
The use of faux cash has been a rising problem within the Calhoun County region. In the past due February, authorities say that fake $100s have been reported as getting used at businesses in Battle Creek and beyond; a number of the ones were initially $10s that have been bleached and reprinted as $100s, to permit them to bypass the marker check stores use.
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Calhoun County’s gravel and dust roads are in an exceedingly terrible country, but there appears to be an excellent purpose.
The Calhoun County Road Department says on their Facebook that they are aware of the hassle resulting from the ground thawing and similarly worsened by the rain we were getting. However, they can’t deal with the “muddy mess” until the road floor has thawed and dried out, as the partly frozen level prevents the street floor from being graded.
They say all they can do is spot grade-positive regions.

According to the Local Government and Municipal Knowledge Base, street grading is “the system of restoring the riding surface of a gravel or natural surface road to a preferred smoothness and shape through getting rid of irregularities along with corrugations and potholes and redistributing gravel.
According to the University of Minnesota, over 50 percent of the roads in America are gravel.
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