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How This Atlanta Startup Is Matching Customers with Same-Day Home Services – Christian Ries, Jonny On It

Today, the Atlanta Small Business Network sat down with Christian Ries, Founder and CEO of Jonny On It, on location at Atlanta Tech Village, one of our largest startup incubators. Jonny On It is a mobile app that saves homeowners time and money by matching clients with domestic service vendors like plumbers, HVAC technicians, electricians, locksmiths, and equipment repairers.How This Atlanta Startup Is Matching Customers with Same-Day Home Services – Christian Ries, Jonny On It 1

Christian started his career running America for an insurance enterprise. One day, he needed some plumbing work finished at his house, so he was given on Google to discover a neighborhood plumber. The first two Google listings, by no means called Christian, returned, and the 1/3 gave him a time several days out, to which the plumber arrived overdue. The patron experience changed into not very fine for Christian, and he decided to provide you with a better way to attach house owners to home provider vendors. While other huge players compete in this marketplace, Christian said Jonny On It had to emerge as more creative. After returning, he and his team found out that realtors have a significant want for this platform. Whenever domestic gets bought, a punch list of items (repairs or corrections) must be resolved. Many of those gadgets fall to the realtor, who now turns to Jonny On It for fast outcomes.

Christian recommends that entrepreneurs invest money into renting space at Atlant Tech Village. Being an entrepreneur is tough; it’s given highs and lows that you’ve never experienced earlier. You’re at a low point, and different entrepreneurs around you are at a high factor, giving you hope and motivation to continue.

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