Choosing a Business Name that Works

I have been thinking about the name of my company for a while. I finally decided on “Crazy Good Computer Consultant”. I think it’s a good name, reflecting who I am and what I do. It’s also quite short and easy to remember. I love the idea of using the word crazy in a company name.

When considering naming your new business, the first question is: “Do I want to name my business this?”

Many people fear picking a business name because they don’t want it to sound too similar to a pre-existing brand. So, what should you do when choosing a business name that works?

In this blog post, I’ll tell you how to choose the perfect name for your new business.

Your name is your first impression, and your business name should reflect who you want your audience to think of when they hear it.

You’ll find a lot of information on the pages that follow how to choose a business name that works. If you are working on a new project or just starting to think about business names, here’s a quick guide to the most important considerations.

Business Name

Is Your Business Name Unique?

Many entrepreneurs fear picking a business name because they don’t want to risk sounding too similar to an existing brand.

While you should never try to copy a competitor’s name, there’s no reason to stick with an arbitrary name if it’s too generic to stand out in the market.

Start by brainstorming names for your business.

Then, test each name with Google to see how it looks in search results.

If you find a name too generic to be helpful, think of a unique way to improve it.

If you’re still stuck, consider creating a free website domain name.

Once you have a name you’re happy with, you can set up your social media accounts and blog.

Choose a Business Name That Works

Many people fear picking a business name because they don’t want it to sound too similar to a pre-existing brand. So, what should you do when choosing a business name that works?

It would help if you chose a memorable, easily pronounced name that sounds good to your ear. Here are three questions to help you figure out if the name you’ve selected is catchy enough to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

1. Does it sound like a person’s name?

When you’re picking a name for a business, you want it to sound like a person’s name. There’s no need to pick something that sounds like a business. For example, if you were to choose a business name such as “John Smith’s Grocery Store,” your potential customers would think you were selling groceries and not a grocery store.

If unsure how your business name sounds, you can always check the USPTO’s National Names Database.

2. Is it unique?

Choosing a unique business name is essential, as with any other part of your business. If your business name is similar to an existing brand, you could be at risk of being associated with it.

For example, if you were to name your business “The Real Estate Company,” you might want to avoid “Real Estate” because it is a trademarked term many companies use.

Another example is if you plan to start a business called “The Lawyer Company.” If you’re not careful, you might accidentally infringe on a trademark by choosing a name that sounds similar.

So the next time you’re thinking about picking a business name, you need to ask yourself:

“Is this a name that people will remember?”

3. Can you pronounce it?

The last thing you want is for people to have trouble pronouncing your business name. After all, you’re naming your business, so you want it to be easy to say.

While some names are more complex than others, there are ways to make it easier.

For example, you can add a spelling that is a common misspelling of the name, such as “the” instead of “it” or “to” instead of “too.”

You can also use diphthongs, such as “ae” or “oy,” to make your name easier to say.

Also, remember that you can use dashes or underscores to make your name easier to pronounce.

Now that you’ve figured out whether your business name is memorable, easy to pronounce, and easy to say, you need to make sure that you choose a name that fits all three criteria.

Make Sure Your Business Name is Not Confusing

Choosing a business name is the first step to branding, and being careless could cause confusion and lead to bad press.

A great way to avoid this is to ensure your name isn’t already taken. If it is, find a way to differentiate yourself.

I’ve been using the “Niche Finder” tool from NamePros for many years, which has saved me from rebranding.

The tool is free, and it’s great because it pulls up the most famous names in any given niche, so you can quickly see if there’s a risk of confusing customers.

Consider the Importance of Having A Good Domain Name

If you’re considering naming your new business, the first question is: “Do I want to name my business this?”

If you’re considering choosing a business name that works, consider the importance of having a good domain name.

A good domain name is a powerful tool that helps your brand shine, and you should spend some time finding the best one for you.

One of the best ways to do this is using a website builder.

This is because website builders allow you to create your site, including a domain name, for free. This makes choosing a domain name that works for your brand easier.

After you’ve created your website, it’s essential to check the domain name you will use.

Many people miss this step, but picking a domain name that will work for you is crucial.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Name

Q: What’s your name?

A: My name is Kaelynn.

Q: Why did you choose to be Kaelynn?

A: My name was inspired by the song “Kaelynn” by the band One Republic. Kaelynn means “a young woman” in Gaelic. I love that song.

Q: How does your business name reflect you?

A: My name is very me! I am Kaelynn, and I love all things Celtic.

Q: Why did you decide to start a fashion business?

A: I started my fashion business after working as a high school counselor for three years. I saw a lot of teenagers struggling with confidence and self-image, which drove me crazy. I decided that I needed to help them and chose the fashion industry as my focus.

Q: What are some of your goals for your company?

A: I want to help more people feel good about themselves.

 Top Myths About Business Names

1. Your business name must be unique.

2. A business name should be catchy and memorable.

3. A business name should be short and easy to remember.

4. You need a website.

5. You need a Facebook page.

6. You need a Twitter account.

7. You need a YouTube channel.

8. You need an Instagram account.


There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a business name. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can quickly end up with a lousy reputation that causes many problems.

The first thing to do is brainstorm ideas for names you feel comfortable with. After that, please choose the one with the most robust meaning.

Next, you need to make sure it’s unique. Make sure that it won’t be confused with someone else or with another business.

If you’re unsure how to choose a good business name, I recommend checking out these articles about naming a business.

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