First class journey, personal chauffeurs and journeys to Hooters: South Carolina police officers under fire after lavish spending of taxpayer money is revealed – even as one sheriff even allowed a prisoner out of prison to construct him a ‘birthday party shed’

The Post and Courier posted information of an research on March sixteen  It found out sheriffs throughout the state charging hundreds of greenbacks on fits, food, chairs and tour  Alex Underwood said he had to tour first class to meetings due to the fact he became a ‘large guy’  Another said he wished a $three,000 Mont Blanc leather office chair due to the fact he had back troubles Some, who’ve been indicted, used jail inmates to do paintings for them on their houses  One had a prisoner construct him a ‘birthday celebration shed’ and allow the person sleep out of prison and go to his female friend in alternate

South Carolian sheriffs had been flying first class, bullying their personnel and lining their wallet with taxpayers’ money for decades, in step with a scathing new report.  According to an investigation by means of the The Post and Courier, the sheriffs were taking gain of now not being certain by the same regulations which kingdom and federal personnel come beneath on the subject of high-priced travel and consuming out.  Some have been indicted for his or her misconduct however others, which include Chester County Sheriff Alex Underwood, insist their actions are above board.  Underwood has charged hundreds of bucks of first class travel to the job. Underwood and his deputy took their wives to a conference in Reno in 2017.  They flew first magnificence and Underwood upgraded their room for $600.  He additionally employed a chauffeur for $350 to take them to and from the airport.

He claims that he and Sprouse paid for his or her wives’ flights themselves and that he upgraded his room due to the fact he wished a huge sufficient mattress for his feet now not to cling off the cease of it.  His first magnificence journey, he stated, became due to the fact is a ‘very huge man with previous knee  surgical procedures and on-going medical problems. ‘First magnificence become the quality alternative,’ he wrote in an e-mail to the newspaper.

Underwood upgraded his room at some stage in a convention in Reno at the Atlantis motel (proven) for an additional $six hundred. He said it was because he needed a bed large enough for his toes no longer to hold off the brink

Others encompass Sheriff Larry Dalton Williams who spent $72,000 on a motor home. No one located out about it until after he died.  Jason Boothe, the previous sheriff of Saluda County, used an inmate to build a ‘birthday party shed’ for him.  In change, the prisoner changed into allowed to spend nights outside the prison, visit his girlfriend and eat in eating places.  He become informed to pay a $900 exceptional for misconduct and became given a probation sentence as well as losing his job.  Another, Sheriff Al Cannon from Charleston County, spent $three,110 on a Mont Blanc leather-based workplace chair.  The leather-based option he went for changed into twice as expensive as different materials. He claimed it became to help his lower back troubles.  Marion County Sheriff Brian Wallace let deputies use his rate card for the duration of trips to Hooters.

Former Saluda County Sheriff Jason Booth had an inmate build him a celebration shed in alternate for favors. The shed is pictured. He misplaced his job over misconduct and went on trial in 2012
After being questioned about it by the newspaper, the department’s leader deputy despatched an e-mail told them no longer positioned the ones outings at the department’s cards any more.

Some became irate when challenged over their charges.  Kenny Boone, the Florence County Sheriff, scolded Kevin Yokim, the finance director, for questioning his charging three motel rooms from a convention to the county.  One turned into for a retired sheriff and Boone stated he wished for himself.  ‘Kevin, I don’t need to get permission from you for anything that I do… This is the closing time that I will come up with any clarification on anything that I do.  ‘Don’t query me again,’ he said in an electronic mail to the director.  The sheriffs are in a unique position because they’re in price in their departments.  There at the moment are calls for them to have to adhere to county government laws with regards to spending.

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