Process Service Glossary

Abscond is to avoid detection or arrest and keep away from being served with prison papers.

Abstract of Judgment

Abstract of Judgments are written summaries of a courtroom judgment that states how an awful lot of cash the losing defendant owes to the person that won the lawsuit.

Abuse of Process

Abuse of Process is bringing and following thru with a civil or crook movement via illegal or malicious means or filing a false provider statement.


Accept is to obtain a overdue price or now not complete or the “service” (shipping) of legal papers.

Acceptance of Service

Acceptance of Service can be executed through a method server or an attorney. However, it ought to be in writing. Typically, a Receipt and Acknowledgment of Acceptance of Service form is needed.

Actual Eviction

Actual Eviction is when a tenant is wrongfully eliminated from their premises, and a landlord wrongly deprives them of getting admission to their possessions.

Affidavit of Service

Affidavits of Service are written files in which the signer swears below oath before a notary public or a person authorized to take oaths that the statements in the file are genuine.

Agent for Acceptance of Service

Agents for Acceptance of Service are folks that be given a grievance or different petition without having the sheriff or system server gift. A Receipt and Acknowledgment of Acceptance of Service are generally required.

Application and Order for Appearance and Examination

Applications and Orders for Appearance and Examination are orders requiring a debtor to seem in the courtroom to provide statistics approximately their assets.

Asset Searches

Assets are items or property with economical price and are shown instability sheets, inventories, probate estates, and divorces. Types of assets consist of bills receivable, constant assets, essential devices, structures, and intangibles.

Background Investigation

Background investigations and heritage checks are executed to find applicable statistics approximately individuals or businesses that result in a successful service of process.

Bank Levy

Bank levies are court docket orders permitting creditors to take money from a people bank account to meet a debt.

Bench Warrant

Bench warrants are orders issued by way of a decision for the arrest of an character.

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