It changed into a combat against cash electricity: Jothimani speaks after defeating Thambidurai

When Congress’ S Jothimani became chosen as the candidate for the DMK alliance in the Karur constituency, little did she anticipate that she could emerge a giant slayer? Her campaign inside the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections had proven unsuccessful towards the AIADMK’s five-time MP and Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha M Thambidurai. But this year, with a victory margin of over four lakh votes, the Congress leader has confirmed herself to be a powerful opponent. Days after the result, TNM caught up with Jothimani who exhibits that while her leads grew within the constituency, watching her birthday celebration fail nationally stays a devastating experience.

This is your first victory in a Lok Sabha election. What do you observe labored to your favor this time?

Several things labored in my favor this election. I changed into aware that I am no longer from a robust economic history and could now not be capable of contributing an excessive amount of money for the marketing campaign. There become a discussion regarding this but the Congress President took a robust stand that someone from a humble background who is devoted to working for human beings has to now not be denied a price ticket. So, human beings universal my candidature even before the declaration. That gave me an early improve. And on the ground, it turned into a DMK-led campaign. The celebration employees typical me wholeheartedly. There were 4 district secretaries who worked with me and all of them cooperated very well. DMK’s Senthil Balaji and I decided on a campaign approach, made an in-depth manifesto and determined we can no longer move for a terrible marketing campaign. My speeches were approximately what I will do for the constituency if I get elected. I promised them that after I publish my affidavit once more five years later, there will no be single rupee won illegally.

You at the moment are officially a giant slayer. You defeated the AIADMK’s Thambidurai by means of close to four lakh votes.

Very few folks within the state Congress definitely anticipated to win this contest, specifically with this kind of margin. This isn’t always simply my win however one which each worker contributed to. As the campaigning improved we noticed that our message had reached the humans on floor. Large crowds commenced to accumulate despite the warmth and numerous girls came simply to satisfy me. I am thankful for this mandate and could now have to live as much as the expectations of the people.

While you can have shined in Karur, your birthday celebration has largely failed across the nation.


It changed into a combat against cash electricity: Jothimani speaks after defeating Thambidurai 1

Yes, it become very unlucky. Even because the early numbers had been coming in, my leads were going up however my celebration’s wasn’t. It turned into devastating. It isn’t always about the birthday celebration on my own however the united states of america’s future is at stake. We receive the humans’s mandate and who they’ve elected to electricity. This is a democracy in spite of everything. But inside the last five years we noticed a central authority which aimed at polarising humans and a Prime Minister who turned into spreading hatred. But they had been delivered to electricity once more. We want to introspect about our failure. As some distance I am worried, we succeeded in Tamil Nadu but in the different states, we need to take a look at what befell. The next 5 years will without a doubt be hard.

What about Rahul Gandhi’s destiny on this birthday celebration?

It isn’t simply the outcomes of elections that determine who leads a party. While Modi was spreading hate, Rahul became spreading love, Modi was dividing humans and Rahul become unifying them, Modi works for the wealthy and Rahul for the terrible. Hatred continually spreads like wildfire however love will take time. But the fact will finally be triumphant. A few electoral losses will not unsettle the Congress President. He is very confident and is aware of what he’s operating in the direction of. I even have complete self belief in him and his vision for the u . S . A ..

Any political birthday celebration can get over electoral defeat. Even ultimate time we got best forty four seats however we still worked closer to saving the idea of India in opposition to hatred and divisive politics. We will do it this time too and Rahul Gandhi will lead the rate.

What should Congress have finished differently this election?

In my opinion, we did our first-class. The country is polarised but I do not blame humans for that. The idea of Hinduism and Hindutva had been wrongly disseminated. If a person is simply a follower of the Hindu faith, he/she have to oppose the BJP. This is a line, we ought to have taken extra aggressively. But beyond polarisation, cash and media power additionally played a massive function in this election. People had been watching what the BJP and RSS wanted them to peer and were selectively informed approximately the u . S . A .’s happenings. This can not be reversed in an afternoon, we should maintain preventing.

What is one takeaway for you from BJP’s electoral success?

The BJP’s election machinery on the booth degree is stronger and greater intact than ours. This is some thing that we, as a party, need to paintings on.

India has elected a file seventy eight women leaders to Parliament this 12 months. What does it imply for girls in politics?

We have been preventing for extra illustration or even reservation for quite sometime now. I myself got here to politics via reservation inside the Panchayati Raj. Without it, a person like me with out a loved ones in politics or monetary backing would now not have succeeded. We will bring women’s issues to the vanguard. Reservation for women, sexual harassment and cybercrimes towards ladies may be predicted to become part of mainstream discussion within the Parliament.

What can be the Congress’ first time table in Parliament now?

We were given a mandate to take a seat within the opposition and we will be a vibrant one. We will shield the idea of India and offer constructive grievance. The Modi government has fudged monetary facts or even undermined institutions just like the media. We will work closer to making sure they accurate those errors.

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