Leaving a Stamp on History

Featuring a profile of Queen Victoria, the world’s first adhesive postage stamp, Penny Black, was issued in May 1840, and that is in which curator Pramod Kumar KG additionally opts to begin his exhibition titled “Property of A Gentleman: Stamps from the Nizam of Hyderabad’s Dominions.” AcquaintingLeaving a Stamp on History 1 us with the universal tendencies in philately, he swiftly went to India, where the original stamp was no longer revealed in 1852 in Sindh. In 1869, got the original postage stamp of Hyderabad. In olive inexperienced and with a one anna denomination, the “awesome stamp,” Kumar tells us, “become possibly designed via an eminent calligrapher.” He was a traditional Muslim kingdom, using human figures on stamps changed into forbidden, making the stamps from Hyderabad excellent and compelling its designers to innovate. The extensive territory also intended that the marks used four languages — Marathi, English, Telugu, and Persian (changed using Urdu in 1930).

It changed much less than 12 months ago that Kumar was contacted via the Gujral Foundation to curate the exhibition that capabilities the Ewari Family Collection, a relationship lower back to Postmaster General Nawab Iqbal Hussain Khan, who labored beneath Hyderabad’s 7th and last Nizam, Mir Osman Ali. “Through the exhibition, we hope to bring the history and importance of stamps. These have been vital for communication and also had a symbolical that means, with the logo, seal, and imagery,” says Kumar. Comprising over a hundred and fifty stamps, the exhibition display has photographs of Hyderabad, using Raja Deen Dayal, the professional photographer of the Nizam of Hyderabad, as a backdrop. The stamps, meanwhile, are carefully kept in custom-made field-frames with LED lighting. “These ought to be dealt with delicately and guarded against harsh light,” says Kumar, Managing Director of Eka Archiving. Carefully encased, he points out how the ‘Skeleton Stamps’ best displayed the textual content and design outline with no color stuffed in and carried the monogram ‘Sarkar-e-Asafiya.’ “The designing turned into executed domestically, and works have been sent to England, in which plate engravings were created and despatched lower back for the printing of the stamps,” he says.

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