Our Staff’s Picks for the Best Summer Drinks


The days are longer, the sun shines, and we’re prepared to experience our drinks outdoors. Here’s what the Wine Enthusiast team sips to rejoice in the season.
“CL Smooth, a.Okay.A. C-Minus, a.Ok.A. Hopefully, Coors Light is protected in the dust simultaneously as tenting or sand, even at the beach. Make certain the mountains at the can are blue!” —Matt Kettmann, contributing editor.

“Sauvignon Blanc is the grownup version of lemonade, puckering up my mouth with vibrant acidity even as backing that zap with a hint of fruity richness. I almost can’t drink it in winter because it tastes tart for the season. But I crave it in the warm summer temperature and may drink a glass every night earlier than dinner.” —Jim Gordon, contributing editor.

Pink pét-nat all day, each day! Also, pitchers of Margaritas with tacos on the deck of a Mexican eatery and the occasional ice-bloodless Martini with a twist.” —Christina Pickard, contributing editor.

“I think about lobster rolls, clam bellies, watermelon, tomatoes. What I need to drink with the one’s delights tiers from rosés to crisp whites. Vermentino became a summer go-to after I had it in Sardinia. Sipping this salty, citric-perfumed white reminds me of swirls of pasta topped with purple mullet bottarga, looking at the island’s water lap on the sand.” —Lauren Mowery, contributing editor, tour.

“Summer is all approximately rosé for me. I drink gallons of the pink stuff throughout Seattle’s oh-so-quick sunny season.” —Sean P. Sullivan, contributing editor.

Our Staff’s Picks for the Best Summer Drinks 1

“An array of Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers fills my refrigerator all summertime. Their pristine Pilsner is brilliant for the beach, the Blood Orange Wheat Radler refreshes at some point of a sport of volleyball, and a Smoke & Dagger Black Lager enhances barbecue.” —Lauren Buzzeo, handling editor.

“Two of my preferred summertime liquids, especially after I turned into bartending at a rooftop bar, had been a Spicy Peach Margarita (with silver Tequila, clean lime juice, Scotch bonnet peppers, and white peach purée) and gin muddled with blueberries and basil, topped with a touch of St-Germain elderflower liqueur and club soda.” —Craig Chamberlain, tasting coordinator.

“Chilled reds make me feel like summertime: sylph-like Pinots, but also Zweigelt and Loire Cabs. If I want a thirst-quencher in a heatwave, it’s a G’pritzter, that’s Gelber Muskateller with glowing water.” —Anne Krebiehl, MW, contributing editor.

“I campaign for bubbles all year; however, if feasible, I prefer them even more during summertime. Pét-nat (manifestly), col Fondo, and correct ol’ Prosecco are on repeat. Pink wines and lighter, extra acidic, chilled reds also satisfy me. But, if I am in Maine, I can’t now drink Maine Mead Works’ Ram Island Lavender Lemonade. It’s an unintended lifestyle.” —Sarah E. Daniels, associate editor.

A Round of Gin & Tonics

When asked what summer tastes like, several editors responded similarly. Here’s what our G&T fan membership had to mention.
“Gin and tonic, with masses of ice and clean lime, preferably Distillery 209 Gin and Fever-Tree tonic, though Q is also suitable, particularly inside the little to-cross cans. Aperol Spritz will even do the trick.” —Virginie Boone, contributing editor.

“Gin, gin, gin and especially G&Ts: tennis whites all through the day, summertime porch sipping because the solar is going down, tall glasses of ice and lime wedges.” —Kara Newman, spirits editor

“Gin and tonic. Enough said.” —Alexander Peartree, tasting director

“Gin and tonic: Plymouth gin, Fever-Tree tonic, yum.” —Susan Kostrzewa, government editor

“I’m so devoted to gin and tonics that, as of press time, I’m operating with an artist to design a juniper department tattoo. I’m currently into Koval Gin for its smooth, woodsy nice that cools me off.” —Senior editor Layla Schlack.

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