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Summit offers new improvements to Europe’s community of patent information centers

At the PATLIB Summit held final week in Porto, representatives of European patent information centers provisionally followed guidelines geared toward boosting the EPO’s support for the PATLIB Network and further enhancing offerings for organizations, researchers, and inventors.

In his opening deal, EPO President António Campinos highlighted the contribution of Europe’s PATLIB centers to innovation in Europe by imparting a whole lot wished recommendations on patents and different IP rights, especially SMEs and universities, during the last 30 years: “We can now provide patent records offerings that have been simply not possible in the early days of PATLIB,” he stated. The EPO President additionally welcomed the strategic summit as a way to evaluate how the community ought to become even more potent in the future: “This event is our possibility to discover how PATLIB centers can play a greater role in commercialization and generation transfer, to help European groups and researchers to take advantage of the overall industrial power of their highbrow property rights.”

Summit offers new improvements to Europe's community of patent information centers 1

The tips evolved after two days of extensive convention sessions and are contained in a record called the Porto Paper, currently considered a draft to provide delegates time to submit similar feedback. The guidelines emphasized offering a structural framework for the PATLIB Network and giving the individual PATLIB centers more freedom to make the best and variety of their services.

There are over three hundred patent records centers across the EPO’s member states, additionally known as PATLIB centers. Together, they form a Pan-European community of IP expertise, providing recommendations and services to innovators in SMEs, universities, research institutions, and individual inventors. The network was fashioned more than 30 years ago, and the summit becomes the first occasion when you consider going to the center of its idea, searching for a first-rate revision of how it works – an initiative dubbed “PATLIB 2. Zero”.

PATLIB 2019 summitThe occasion brought together a few one hundred PATLIB centers, national patent places of work of the EPO’s member states, and a huge variety of innovation support specialists, consisting of European and worldwide establishments worried in IP, era switch, and innovation.

Together, they analyzed the status quo and the wishes of PATLIB centers’ customers. External professionals provided a distinct perspective, tough delegates to head beyond their conventional activities and look extra carefully at areas inclusive of generation transfer and IP in a business context.

“This changed into a lively summit with a variety of hopes to confirm,” stated Sander De Vrieze of the Belgian studies center Centexbel, one of the members.

Closing the summit, EPO Vice-President Christoph Ernst stated: “We will examine what the recommendations imply and what alternatives we’ve for enforcing them in a meaningful way that brings real blessings to all PATLIB centers and their customers.”

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