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Amy Schumer and Alyssa Milano urge fans to boycott fast meals chain Wendy’s

Celebrities such as Amy Schumer and Alyssa Milano are urging fanatics to boycott Wendy’s amid claims that the American quick meals chain no longer provides its farmworkers with adequate safety.

The name movement comes after Chance The Rapper tweeted his liking for the eating place’s spicy chicken nuggets on Saturday.

Amy Schumer and Alyssa Milano urge fans to boycott fast meals chain Wendy’s 1

“Positive affirmations for today: I WILL have a perfect day, I WILL be successful these days, Wendy’s WILL bring again highly spiced nuggets at some point, please please, Lord allow it to be these days,” the rapper tweeted.

Two days later, Wendy’s announced it is bringing highly spiced bird nuggets back to its menu, following Chance The Rapper’s plea.

While many fans of the fast food chain rejoiced in the information, comic Schumer spoke back to highlight Wendy’s alleged refusal to “guard farmworker ladies”.

“Hey! We love @chancetherapper and hate to inform him that Wendy’s is the best fast meals chain refusing to defend farmworker women from sexual attack and rape within the fields. This is proper. Please read that sentence once more,” the comedian wrote on Instagram.

“Message for the humans in charge: Instead of spicy nuggets, we need meals harvested with dignity, NOT violence.”

Schumer ended the caption by imploring Wendy’s to sign up for the Coalition of Immokalee Workers Fair Food Programme and asked fanatics to boycott the employer.

As said on its internet site, the Fair Food Program is a “specific partnership among farmers, farmworkers, and retail meals agencies that guarantees humane wages and working conditions for the workers who pick out fruits and veggies on taking part farms”.

Companies partnered with the program include McDonald’s, Burger King, Whole Foods, Subway, and Walmart.

According to the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, Wendy’s “stands alone” as one of the last biggest food agencies in the US “who has refused to join the Fair Food Programme and admire the rights and dignity of farmworkers in its delivery chain”.

The Fair Food Programme benefits around 35,000 laborers inside the US and has helped improve the running conditions for individuals inside the tomato industry, the New York Times states.

Charmed famous person Milano also criticized Wendy’s for no longer becoming a program member.

“This is set sexual violence in opposition to girls inside the place of job, the only program tested to stop that violence in the US agricultural enterprise, and your refusal to enroll in that program, undeniable and simple,” the actor and activist wrote on Instagram.

Wendy’s responded that all its suppliers should comply with the company’s Supplier Code of Conduct, which “includes necessities to human rights and labor practices”.

“This is a complicated difficulty, but be confident that we do not purchase the sector-grown product covered by the Fair Food Programme. Wendy’s is proud to simplest buy tomatoes from indoor hydroponic North American farms,” the declaration reads, in keeping with Delish.

“We are excited about the superior first-rate of these tomatoes, and this flow, in addition, strengthens our dedication to responsible sourcing practices by way of imparting secure, indoor working situations, a haven from the elements and environmental contaminants, reduced water and land use burdens, and a notably reduced want for chemical insecticides.”

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