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Catholic Senior Housing and Health Care Services, Inc.

The pilot software, funded with the aid of the Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation, will validate vital technological aspects of the SafeBeing product, including the platform infrastructure, wearable device, monitoring dashboard, and caregiver monitoring app.

“We congratulate CSHHCS and Somatix for their partnership to expand and validate a far-wanted answer for a developing elderly population and their caregivers”, stated Dr. Eitan Yudilevich, Executive Director, BIRD Foundation.

SafeBeing is the primary product of its kind that permits caregivers to continuously display, track, and examine seniors’ everyday routines in real time with a wearable smart band and mobile app. The SafeBeing remote patient monitoring (RPM) machine uses proprietary gesture detection technology, machine-gaining knowledge, and advanced analytics to detect hand movements and other sports and activities such as walking, sleeping, consuming, remedy-intake, falling, or falling wandering. By tracking these sports, SafeBeing can discover variations in gestures that may be a purpose for difficulty and trigger reminders to customers and alerts to caregivers and family members.

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“CSHHCS is happy to partner with Somatix to refine and validate the SafeBeing™ product to enhance the fine lifestyles for our citizens. We are searching ahead to show its potential to reveal elders’ activities via gesture analysis and to notify caregivers. At the same time, there may be cause for the problem”, said Joseph Shadid, CEO of Catholic Senior Housing and Health Care Services, Inc.

This is a fruit of a few years’ paintings to broaden a unique software answer that could meet the desires of a growing senior populace with numerous fitness desires. We are grateful to the BIRD for funding this project and to CSHHCS for its continued support”. Eran Ofir, CEO and co-founder of Somatix.


CSHHCS became hooked up in 1962. The Mission of CSHHCS of the Diocese of Allentown is to offer pleasant, feasible bodily, emotional, social, and non secular care to older people we serve with respect, dignity, and compassion. CSHHCS, via its three (three) fitness care centers and 9 (9) affiliated senior unbiased dwelling housing assignment entities, offers a full range of eldercare offerings to people in need in 5 Pennsylvania counties.

About Somatix

Somatix is a software platform provider of wearable-enabled RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) solutions for healthcare. Its price-powerful platform uses patented gesture detection generation and gadget-studying algorithms to investigate consumers’ gesture facts in actual time. The algorithms remotely and passively stumble on bodily and emotional signs to generate insights on threat factors for damaging occasions, terrible scientific compliance, inactivity, falls, dehydration, and more. These statistics provide essential medical insights to healthcare carriers, assisting them to hold continuous touch with and improve the health of those under their care.

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