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Dunzo has figured out the way to make city India lazy (and why we are loving it)

Hyperlocal concierge app Dunzo works on one principle – getting your undertaking done within the fastest possible time. What started as a hyperlocal private venture control platform in Bengaluru on WhatsApp is now a full-fledged automated app-based totally carrier present in three other cities – Gurugram, Hyderabad, and Pune – and shortly to begin in Chennai as nicely.

A couple of years lower back, Dunzo was sporting out all types of tasks all across Bengaluru. And retaining all of it running smoothly turned into a small crew of folks who assigned duties, ensuring they were finished, which was re-assigned to the following set of orders. The non-public attention made sure that patron pride and consideration in Dunzo stayed excessive.

Dunzo has figured out the way to make city India lazy (and why we are loving it) 1

The hyperlocal venture-control startup shot to reputation nationally while it became the primary company in India that Google invested in, setting up $12.Three million. But how do you scale an operation like that to multiple cities and beyond and make sure that things run smoother than ever and make money?

I am doing it to concern you.

If you haven’t used Dunzo, right here’s how it works – you download the app and can request an errand. Forgot something at domestic and need it at the workplace? Ask for a pickup-and-drop. Need your dry-cleaning fetched for an important meeting the following day? Just give up the receipt and have them supply it to any place you are within the town. Have a file to be photocopied and added to your bank manager? Done will do it for you.

It also has partnerships with restaurants, grocery shops, pharmacies, puppy supply shops, meat stores, etc. You may shop directly from the Dunzo app and have them supply it to you everywhere within the town.

In terms of food shipping, their advantage lies in delivering from restaurants from everywhere within the city, whereas top meals delivery startups have the handiest around a certain radius.

Today, 80 percent of their obligations are entirely automated and run without any human intervention. It’s what has enabled them to scale. In October this 12 months, Dunzo completed over 1 million transactions and ended a mean of 30,000 transactions every day from across four towns.

“In 2015, maximum of our obligations required a human to screen and run them. Now over 80 percent of our obligations run without any human intervention,” says Mukund Jha, Co-founder, and CTO.

How it works now

From a WhatsApp-based model, this hyperlocal “task running” enterprise advanced into a rudimentary app, in which customers can create a list of tasks they want to be done.

“Over time, we’ve made this less difficult using seeing what responsibilities are the most achieved on the platform and growing buckets – pick up and drop (send packages), meals or restaurant orders, groceries, medicines, meat, puppy resources, fruit and vegetables and greater,” says Kabeer.

Today, each transaction is broken into accepting a project, assigning a transport executive, region, item affirmation, and cash transfer. Mukund adds that a whole lot of those tasks had been accomplished manually earlier.

Earlier, a worker would check if a transport companion was available and assign responsibilities consequently. Once this changed into showed, a verbal exchange might be initiated among the person and the partner with regular tracking to look if the latter was moving in the direction of the pickup vicinity and then headed closer to the drop location. Mukund says,

To add a layer of automation, Dunzo has integrated service provider and product tie-ups and has focussed on cataloging. Now, stores and restaurants list objects that make it easy for users to select the items they want.

With these tie-ups, the group ensures that the store or service provider receives the details of the order, accepts and continues the gadgets equipped, and the Dunzo associate selections it up and drops it on the drop-off region exact via the consumer – much like Swiggy or Zomato.

Currently, Dunzo costs its merchant companions a commission percent ranging between 10 and 12 percentage of the whole transport cost. The corporation has tied up with over 350 merchants throughout the 4 towns it operates in. The sheer complexity of responsibilities it is able to carry out way that it’s far rapid becoming a verb – just Dunzo it.

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