Finn Balor teases a totally thrilling twist for Money within the Bank 2019

What’s the tale?

Money inside the Bank is just a few days away, and the exhilaration is rife amongst WWE fans. One of the guys who will be a part of the mixture, Finn Balor, may have revealed his plans if he wins the massive settlement.

The Intercontinental Champion sent out a very thrilling Tweet. From the appearance of it, all people who follow his account are regarded to be in choice of the flow.
In case you didn’t recognize…

Finn Balor teases a totally thrilling twist for Money within the Bank 2019 1

Finn Balor is one of the four men from SmackDown Live who’ll be a part of the lawsuits at Money Within the Bank competing inside the men’s ladder suit. The others are Andrade, Ali, and Randy Orton.

What makes Balor particular is that he is the only person in the mix who is also a reigning champion. Balor became a part of RAW before being drafted to SmackDown Live as a part of the Superstar Shake-Up.

He had an impressive display at WrestleMania 35, wherein he arrived as The Demon King against Lashley.

The coronary heart of the matter

Balor despatched the following Tweet, and unexpectedly, Twitter went into frenzy mode based on the possibility. Finn Balor is a large fan favored, and it is no surprise that people want him to be WWE Champion.

This Tweet implies that if Finn Balor does win the Money inside the Bank contract, he could coin in the healthy throughout the Kevin Owens vs. Kofi Kingston war. It could make him the second Superstar from Ireland to hold championships in WWE simultaneously within the modern-day roster. The different one is, of course, his friend Becky Lynch.
What’s next?

RAW and SmackDown Live will emanate from the United Kingdom this week. Could we see a massive twist or two earlier than Money Inside the Bank 2019? Only time will inform.

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