Here’s What A Lloyd, Khalid And BJ The Chicago Kid Black Music Month Playlist Sounds Like

Get a taste of Khalid, Tee Grizzley, Lloyd, and BJ, the Chicago Kid’s playlists for Black Music Month.
The sounds of black humans run extensively and deep inside the track space. If you hop from person to character with questions about standout songs that pass them, the solutions will span regions, decades, and genres. Every 12 months, we honor that breadth of talent for Black Music Month all June.

Some of our favorite buzzing and pro musicians today—Khalid, Tee Grizzley, BJ the Chicago Kid, and Lloyd—also wanted to contribute to the party by weighing in on the songs that encourage them. As part of Billboard’s co
average of Black Music Month, the artists mentioned above-curated playlists that mirror the themes that impacted their artistry and the way of life as an entire.

Here's What A Lloyd, Khalid And BJ The Chicago Kid Black Music Month Playlist Sounds Like 1

“As a young black musician, there are numerous artists who not only inspire me daily but have also encouraged the way that I grew up and my musical skills,” Khalid said of his playlist. BJ the Chicago Kid said that the songs and artists on his list “remind [him] of exquisite ways we are, can be and maximum of all, how we’re imagined to be. All those artists shine bright on and stale the level.”

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