Kolkata-primarily based Sujata Chatterjee is ‘Twirl’ing fashion into a sustainable cycle

The local increase has driven many of us to come to be compulsive shoppers. Our wardrobes are burgeoning under the burden of garments, many of which continue to be in the central unused. It is a trouble that maximum people renowned, but retain to stay with, without giving it a whole lot concept. But not like lots of us, Sujata Chatterjee from Kolkata decided to behave on it.

“Fashion as just a direct line of intake bothered me, and I knew it was vital to make retail a sustainable circle. I felt deeply approximately the problem however realized there was not a lot being achieved about it. So, I decided ‘to be the trade that I want to see,’” she says. Sujata set out on her entrepreneurial journey and began Twirl. Store in 2017 as an initiative to “reduce fabric wastage, encourage girls empowerment, preserve herbal assets like water, and meet the garb desires of the much less fortunate.” The photo shows the reality that Sujata desires to change:

From customers with overflowing cabinets who don’t want to repeat outfits, to thousands and thousands of people who struggle to discover primary garb – Sujata began Twirl with a goal to clear up the problems on each aspect of the societal pyramid. “Twirl essentially manner to move around or spin – the call Twirl for the emblem indicates the ‘sustainable circle’ that we want retail to grow to be,” she popular shows. Twirl and earn rewards. Everyone likes a freebie or a present and leveraging the praise machine, Twirl. Collects garments from human beings and rewards them with points that may be redeemed to shop for upcycled products at the internet site. Sujata says, “We inspire everybody to ship their unwanted garments, bedsheets, desk covers – anything manufactured from material to us. As a customer, they get factors that may be redeemed to shop for new gifts, add-ons, and so forth. At the equal time, they feel exact knowing that their undesirable things will assist in unfolding smiles – both through being immediately utilized by the needy or by using supporting a woman earn a livelihood for herself and family. Twirl offers free home pickup throughout the united states of America. So, it’s by no means been less complicated to do an excellent deed and be rewarded for it.” After the group collects the garments, they both donate it or upscale it as material to create new merchandise. Till date, the team claims to have supplied over 10,000 upcycled products and given a new hire of existence to extra than 2,000 cloth pieces. Initially, all the apparel the team gets is going a radical take a look at. If the fabric is reusable and can be upcycled, then it undergoes a wash and steam, after which the material is made and used to absolutely remodel new and particular products like add-ons, baggage, and many others. The ones that are rejected is donated as clothing through huge donation drives, which the group regularly conducts in collaboration with NGOs.

“Our donation drives have been throughout slums of Kolkata and villages of Shantiniketan, Sunderban, and so forth, in West Bengal. We tell our supporters, customers, and clients of those drives in advance so they can be part of us. We additionally ensure that we have images from those drives on social media so people can see how their giving is impacting human beings.”

Women in Kolkata and surrounding regions have an aptitude for weaving and sewing, mainly on account that West Bengal has a thriving handloom tradition. It is this pool of ladies that Sujata is leveraging. The reuse and upcycling of material and product production are performed predominantly through rural girls, with a purpose to provide them a source of livelihood additionally. Twirl’s actual success, Sujata feels, “is in being able to empower so many women and to have furnished apparel to nearly 1,500 needy humans, especially youngsters and the aged.” Being an all-women team, Sujata says: “We are a set of encouraged, younger women determined to break stereotypes and result in a trade inside the society. At Twirl, our focus is to be all-inclusive and supply the possibility to women from all styles of history and nurture their abilities in numerous methods. We are proud to say that from manufacturing to operations – ladies from numerous strata of the society manage the display.” Shutting up the naysayers Born and brought up in Kolkata, Sujata started her career with an IT organization. “I spent most of my working profession as part of the sales crew in Hewlett-Packard India Sales Pvt Ltd (HP), wherein I was lucky enough to engage with the seniors and learned plenty from them.”

Given thather education, paintings revel in and contacts have been no longer remotely related to the world, she remained undeterred in the face of all of the negativity and endured moving forward. An electric engineer with a diploma in advertising and marketing, she decided to present Twirl the entirety. “I battled all of the odds piled up in opposition to me and launched Twirl within a year.” However, despite locating success, she says, one of the biggest challenges has been to cope with the sceptics and the naysayers. “When I became starting Twirl, I faced a variety of negativity around me and nearly all people I met turned into sceptical approximately how, as a girl entrepreneur, changed into I going to begin an ecommerce agency, primarily based on a new idea, and that too from Kolkata. The more grievance I heard, the more determined I became that I wouldn’t stop,” she says.
Sujata says, one of the matters that still keeps to affect her is the lack of guide from her extended own family and friends who have not joined the Twirl circle. But the silver lining, she says, has been that “entire strangers have preferred the paintings we’re doing and that they have now not simply grow to be our customers, however, referred us to others and turned out to be our greatest supporters. The encouragement we’ve got got from some establishments/individuals truly touched my coronary heart and prompted me to maintain going and retain to scale.” As an entrepreneur, she feels what has stored her in top stead and helped her to keep going is her “patience, perseverance, and mental strength – they may be your largest armour towards all odds.” Joining the circle of giving and receiving Bootstrapped and with constrained funds, Twirl has ordinarily seen natural growth. While it has leveraged social media, an increasing number of awareness has come thru word of mouth. Sujata says, “My largest undertaking became and is to make people aware about Twirl and the work we are doing. It is an ongoing attempt to make people understand the adverse outcomes of fabric wastage on each society and the surroundings.” However, it’s far her early life influences and circle of relatives that maintain her stimulated. “My dad and mom made me impartial and gave me the liberty to be myself. Seeing them and my high-quality grandparents has substantially motivated the person who I even have become. Thinking about others not just in my own family but in the society at big simply comes naturally to me because of their have an effect on. Also, my younger brother stays my guide and manual usually. However, now it’s miles my kids who inspire me to continuously work for a higher international,” she says. However, Sujata is hopeful that as extra human beings across the united states of america get to recognise approximately Twirl and its project, they may open up their wardrobes and guide her imaginative and prescient. While person aid is vital, she is likewise looking for aanssist from corporates, retail businesses, and types to scale up and make this a retail revolution. She signs and symptoms off with one message, “We welcome absolutely everyone to join the Twirl sustainable circle.”

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