Kolkata-primarily based Sujata Chatterjee is ‘Twirl’ing fashion into a sustainable cycle

The local increase has driven many of us to become compulsive shoppers. Our wardrobes are burgeoning under the burden of garments, many of which remain in the central unused. It is a trouble that maximum people renowned, but retain to stay with, without giving it a whole lot concept. But not like lots of us, Sujata Chatterjee from Kolkata decided to behave on it.

Kolkata-primarily based Sujata Chatterjee is ‘Twirl’ing fashion into a sustainable cycle 1

“Fashion as just a direct line of intake bothered me, and I knew it was vital to make retail a sustainable circle. I felt deeply about the problem but realized not much about it. So, I decided ‘to be the trade that I want to see,’” she says. Sujata set out on her entrepreneurial journey. She began Twirl. Store in 2017 as an initiative to “reduce fabric wastage, encourage girls empowerment, preserve herbal assets like water, and meet the garb desires of the much less fortunate.” The photo shows the reality that Sujata desires to change:

From customers with overflowing cabinets who don’t want to repeat outfits to thousands and thousands who struggle to discover primary garb – Sujata began Twirl to clear up the problems on each aspect of the societal pyramid. “Twirl essentially manner to move around or spin – the call Twirl for the emblem indicates the ‘sustainable circle’ that we want retail to grow to be,” she popular shows. Twirl and earn rewards. Everyone likes a freebie or a present and leveraging the praise machine Twirl. Collects garments from human beings and rewards them with points redeemed to shop for upcycled products at the internet site.

Sujata says, “We inspire everybody to ship their unwanted garments, bedsheets, desk covers – anything manufactured from material to us. As a customer, they get factors that may be redeemed to shop for new gifts, add-ons, and so forth. At the same time, they feel exactly knowing that their undesirable things will assist in unfolding smiles – both through being immediately utilized by people in need or by supporting a woman to earn a livelihood for herself and her family. Twirl offers free home pickup throughout the United States of America. So, it’s no longer been less complicated to do an excellent deed and be rewarded for it.”

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