Music of the Carpathians comes to Redwood Elementary

At the end of the faculty year, Hungarian-born and longtime Fort Bragg residents Ferenc Tobak and Lilla Serlegi offered the ethnic track to the scholars at Redwood Elementary School. Joining them on a number of the displays have been their primary school-elderly kids, Lilla and Mathias Tobak, at the side of first-grade trainer Zoe Forrest.

Titled “Living the Tradition,” the Tobaks’ demonstration showcased traditional songs and units from the international locations of the Carpathian Basin. During the rally, the scholars clapped distinct rhythm styles, heard people’s epics from Hungary, observed tracks from the Carpathian Basin, and did a traditional kids’ dance. Some Redwood college students were also given palm-on stories with the Tobaks’ historical gadgets.

While imparting, the Tobaks’ purpose was to use the folk track to educate song records and develop musical gadgets understandably and engagingly. They firmly accept as accurate that music is an essential part of any baby’s education. Learning a song broadens a child’s horizons, focuses the mind, and increases imagination. Music allows the kids to peer and experience the arena with a cutting-edge perspective.

Music of the Carpathians comes to Redwood Elementary 1

The application the Tobak family placed became funded using the ‘Get Arts within the School Program’ (GASP), an arts schooling partnership of the Arts Council of Mendocino County and the Mendocino County Office of Education, with a provider that lets in the two artists to present their local cultures in the college.

During these 12 months, Redwood Elementary no longer had art or music instructors, so Principal Linda Reece was glad to consist of these academic and colorful shows at some point in the final weeks of the 2018-19 school 12 months. Both kids and their teachers indeed enjoyed the performances.

Ferenc’s and Lilla’s demonstration changed into an eye-fixed-opener for children. Using gadgets now not heard or seen in commercial media, Ferenc and Lilla widened the youngsters’ view of the arena’s cultural background. It is hoped that presenting this rich ancient and artistic material will keep and develop to include all of Mendocino County, especially the rural communities.

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