Managing Technology Within An Organization

“I am placing myself to the fullest viable use, that’s all I assume that any conscious entity can ever wish to do.” – From the HAL 9000 pc, 2001: A Space Odyssey

When it comes to technology solutions to your enterprise it is easy to get carried away with the today’s-and-great-est devices and answers. Everyone wants to have the ultra-modern bright issue. In large businesses, managing technology can emerge as burdensome due to competing and duplicative era requests. Left unfettered, the business enterprise generation platform can resemble a “spaghetti bowl” over the years. Often is the case, new generation requests are submitted with none business case to help their investment.

Managing Technology Within An Organization 1

I am a massive proponent of getting non-era business leaders to play a lively role within the willpower of the technology solutions applied at an agency. While it’s far critical to encompass an IT attitude from a technical interface standpoint, having non-IT employees power era solutions regularly lead to choices based on the business needs of the agency. As such, any era request might require a marketing strategy to support the investment.

Form A Technology Committee: This is the start of your era approval manner. Create a generation committee that represents diverse employees from move-practical departments. Consider deciding on operations, marketing, accounting, era, and finance member to this group. This committee is charged with creating the process for filing technology solution requests for the corporation as well as imparting the prioritization and in the long run, approval of the requests.

Develop A Submittal Process: Inherent in a properly-concept through technology strategy for a corporation is developing a method for the submission of ideas. Following the “rubbish-in, rubbish-out” attitude, growing a detailed procedure for submission will assist weed out the “great to have” and consciousness the committee on real, tangible solutions. This procedure should not simplest encompass the generation answer identified, but as importantly, the enterprise case for its justification. For approved projects in the queue, a monthly conversation ought to be sent to the business enterprise recapping the hobby of the committee.

Focus Your Projects: A generation committee creates attention at some stage in the business enterprise. While it would be remarkable to have every new generation of technology that receives released, that is impractical and pricey. The committee can help with imparting a high-level attitude at the complete corporation for the reason that it is considering all requests. All too regularly, departmental requests will be inclined to be created in a silo, with handiest the impact on that department considered.

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