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OnPoint Group Introduces TrueSource

OnPoint Group today introduces TrueSource, an integration of the enterprise-leading, countrywide renovation solution manufacturers, Metro Service Solutions, Miner National, and NG&G. TrueSource combines more than forty years of information in doorways, locks, dock levelers, glass restore providers, plumbing, emergency services, and floor care/cleaning services. Through its 20,000+ certified associate technicians nationwide, TrueSource offers fast response and excellent first-trip resolution to maximize uptime and vital facility preservation operations protection.

OnPoint Group Introduces TrueSource 1

Resource offerings equipment at some point of the complete lifecycle, along with preventative preservation, center control, and replacement. Its full, value-driven solutions gain the bottom system cost of upkeep and reduce facility downtime. The organization’s proprietary, era-enabled answers dramatically simplify the venture of coping with multiple facilities by allowing clients to get the right of entry to their account data for any location, from everywhere, at any time.

A new internet site (truesource.Com) has been launched to tell the TrueSource story.

“We understand the urgency and the impact on revenue while the facility device goes down. We have the biggest community of expert technicians who can solve facility wishes quickly and with fewer trips. It’s vital for facility managers to realize that after operations face an interruption and they need on-the-spot assistance, one phone call is all it takes to get the power-up and walking,” said Carrie Zuchorski, Accurate Sources Chief Operating Officer.

“Our group is certainly excited to tell the market about TrueSource,” says Peter Biagioli, Chief Customer Officer. “Our difficult paintings in taking the pleasant of the three agencies and bringing them together is captured through the TrueSource emblem. We are unheard of in our focus on looking after our customers, giving them the confidence to rely on us every time.”

Resource relies on trusted partnerships with its national associates, carefully selected primarily based on performance, skill stage, and consumer relationships. Customer reports start with the service expert answering the telephone and knowing the customer’s wishes. The technician touring with the gear had to repair critical facility equipment on the primary journey. Through this advanced stage of customer support, TrueSource has maintained lengthy-standing partnerships with most of the Top 50 Retailers and hundreds of other customers in various industries inside the US and Canada, always supporting them to satisfy their overall performance dreams.

Are you a homeowner or a business owner? If so, there is a credible threat that you spend a significant portion of your time cleaning up your house or workplace. When doing so, do you want you to be doing something else, something apart from cleansing? If so, you’re no longer on my own; however, there is good information. That correct information means you may hire an expert to clean for you. Those specialists are frequently called Dallas cleaning services if you live in or around the Dallas place. Have you heard of a Dallas cleaning service before? If not, you may want to take the time to look at them, namely what they are and what they can do for you.

As mentioned above, Dallas Cleansing Services can clean for you. These cleansing offerings or groups are regularly composed of several people or employees, many of whom have experience cleaning residential and commercial complexes. In truth, a few Dallas cleaning offerings specialize in a positive type of cleansing. For instance, you may discover a Dallas cleaning provider that specializes in commercial cleaning or one in all that makes a specialty of residential cleaning the handiest. Despite versions amongst one-of-a-kind Dallas cleaning services, finding an organization offering residential and commercial cleaning is no longer unusual.

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