Sarfaraz confirms Shadab’s World Cup fitness

Pakistan leg-spinner Shadab Khan will be healthy for the upcoming Men’s Cricket World Cup, in keeping with their captain, Sarfaraz Ahmed.

Speaking at the toss earlier than the 0.33 ODI between England and Pakistan at Bristol, he instructed Sky Sports: “We have desirable information approximately Shadab. He can be suited for the World Cup, and we’re excited to have him returned.”

Sarfaraz confirms Shadab’s World Cup fitness 1

Shadab was named in Pakistan’s initial 15-man squad. However, his World Cup availability came into query when he dominated out of the current series using viral contamination and prescribed rest domestically.

As Pakistan’s first-preference leg-spinner, his go-back will come as a lift. He has taken 47 wickets in 34 ODIs at a financial system price of four. Eighty has scored three 1/2-centuries, averaging a coloration beneath 30 with the bat.

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