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OMB working on gov-huge cloud attempt

As the Pentagon plans to start issuing task orders underneath its $8.2 billion Clouds Defense Enterprise Office Solutions contract for email and collaboration offerings, the Office of Management and Budget is likewise looking to a civilian version of the vehicle.

Margie Graves, Deputy Federal CIO, counted the introduction of partnerships among groups on huge acquisitions and a general flow closer to “first-class in magnificence” contracts as one of the extensive accomplishments in the past 12 months under the President’s Management Agenda.

“You’ve just visible the discharge of new category control release,” said Graves, regarding OMB’s March memo advising federal organizations to shift to first-rate in magnificence contracts and far away from stand-by myself motors as part of the federal government’s flow to class management practices.

OMB working on gov-huge cloud attempt 1

“We’re doing it for a couple of large, big acquisition applications,” Graves said in a speech at the ACT-IAC commencement conference for its Voyager application on May 15.

“One…known as DEOS, partnering with the Department of Defense, that’s a collaboration in an email. Right on its coattails, we’re doing it for the civilian part of government additionally,” she stated.

Plans for a civilian model of DEOS have started to surface publicly in the last few weeks, as DOD plans awards and venture orders underneath its attempt this summertime.

Earlier in May, a General Services Administration representative said there had been plans for a civilian version of DEOS. GSA is leading the DEOS procurement in the use of its very own Schedule 70 delivery service.

Alan Thomas, the commissioner of GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service, said the coming Civilian Enterprise Office Solution (CEOS) continues to be inside the “early ranges” of improvement. The automobile will leverage similar cloud efficiencies for email and different applications for federal businesses.

In her feedback on the ACT IAC occasion, Graves didn’t give a timeline or more fantastic element on the civilian model plans.

Thomas said the concept got here immediately from plans for the DEOS, but it wouldn’t be a “carbon copy.”

Graves said additional accomplishments underneath the PMO within the past 12 months have additionally protected setting up a new shared offerings model, increasing the use of federal records to assist information-pushed selections, and leveraging more excellent common industrial competencies.

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