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CPS employee may testify in Schenectady dog assault case

SCHENECTADY — The choice was presiding over listening to decide if a couple of pit bulls that critically injured a three-yr-vintage are risky will permit testimony from witnesses that could implicate the dogs’ owner.

City Corporation Counsel Carl Falotico stated he goals to give a Child Protective Services worker for testimony as soon as the hearing resumes on Thursday morning in City Court.

“If she’s not to be had, I would like extra time to get her there,” Falotico stated on Wednesday afternoon.

On Wednesday, City Court Judge Robert Hoffman reversed his previous choice to push aside testimony from witnesses who interacted with the puppies’ proprietor, Salvatore DiNovo, in the aftermath of the May 31 incident.

New witness

Several first responders testified on Monday but had been barred from disclosing conversations with DiNovo in the attack’s immediate aftermath.

The reversal paves the manner for their viable testimony.

Falotico planned on supplying the CPS worker on Monday but declined to accomplish that following repeated objections from Brendan Keller, DiNovo’s court docket-appointed legal professional.

CPS employee may testify in Schenectady dog assault case 1

Hoffman mentioned a further overview of the legal treatise for his reversal.

The infant, The Daily Gazette isn’t figuring out, becomes attacked at a cookout at the Clayton Road home inside the metropolis’s Woodlawn neighborhood she has been sharing with DiNovo, her father, grandmother, and aunt for the past six months.

On Monday, the grandmother, Lynn DeCenzo, testified that the two dogs, named Styles and Damon, grew excited when she and the girl emerged from the residence wearing hot puppies.

Both dogs lunged for the girl, and the older of the 2, Styles, dragged her via the leg 30 ft via the garden before being subdued.

Falotico stated on Monday he expected the CPS worker could testify that the defendant made remarks to her that each dog had been involved in the assault.

The improvement is part of a hearing underneath the state’s Agriculture and Markets Law to determine if the dogs are risky.

If so, they may be euthanized.

DiNovo additionally faces eight misdemeanor charges about the assault and is due in court on June 24.

Keller has contended that DiNovo is not a defendant in the Ag & Markets hearing.

“The best difficulty is if those dogs are dangerous,” Keller stated Wednesday. “The proprietor is not even a necessary factor.”

Falotico filed a motion on Tuesday outlining his argument.

He wrote there may be “no doubt” that DiNovo’s admissions to multiple people that each of his puppies attacked the sufferer in this situation “could qualify as an admission through a party that’s inconsistent with the celebration’s function inside the intending if he is certainly a celebration to the proceeding.”

The sufferer was discharged from Albany Medical Center on Friday and is staying with her father, Robert Pierce, at an undisclosed location, stated DeCenzo.

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