Self-proclaimed godman guarantees to rain cash

A godman allegedly swindled Rs 6.Five lakh from his followers. Accompanied by his partner, the accused reportedly promised his fans a rain of cash. The sufferers allegedly fell prey to the concept and gave Rs 6.5 lakh to the accused.

One of the aggrieved people was recognized as Dodu Satyanarayan. The aggrieved approached the police and complained about opposition to the accused. The accused were allegedly natives of Naregaon.

Self-proclaimed godman guarantees to rain cash 1

The police alleged the top accused is a self-proclaimed godman. The accused allegedly asked to spend around Rs 15 lakh for the ritual. This quantity had reportedly been supposed to purchase important articles that could assist the accused in raining cash from the sky.

Hypnotized by using the concept of smooth money, the aggrieved never questioned the accused’s power. A mechanic at a car shop in Hyderabad, Satyanarayan, was going through a dry economic spell. Satyanarayana narrated his ordeal to his friend, Syed Jahangir, who informed him about the accused.

Investigation revealed that the accused had been booked in a comparable case. Satyanarayana allegedly spoke to the charge earlier than assembly him in Aurangabad. The accused reportedly asked the aggrieved for Rs 15 lakh to carry out the “raining cash” ceremony.

The aggrieved then issued Rs 2. Five lakh and paid Rs 6.5 lakh in coins to the accused. Following this, they embarked on their adventure of amassing the articles required for the ritual and ultimately reached Latur.

Some kilometers into their journey, the aggrieved were stopped by a group of police personnel who detained them along with the godman. The accused had been booked underneath relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

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