Honey Dijon beginning fashion line with Comme des Garçons

CDG president Adrian Joffe says the brand, Honey F—ing Dijon, will launch this summer.

Adrian Joffe, the president of Comme des Garçons International (and Dover Street Market), informed WWD that they had been running with Dijon on a new logo referred to as Honey F—ing Dijon. The first merchandise—a “small series of DJ bags and [T-shirts]”—is set to launch within the past due summertime or early fall if all goes in keeping with a schedule.

Honey Dijon beginning fashion line with Comme des Garçons 1

American DJ Honey Dijon is the ultra-modern dance tune determined to begin a style emblem. In March, Peggy Gou announced her KIRIN label in collaboration with the New Guards Group. The latter corporation additionally owns Off-White. The fashion brand was headed up by designer Virgil Abloh, a DJ and the creative director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear.

It’s essential to look at the period “fashion” to recognize what style manufacturing is all approximately. Generally speaking, style refers to exclusive techniques and practices within clothing, make-up, accessories, or even furniture. In a strict sense, the term most effective guides to developments in wear or apparel. Hence, as discussed in this write-up, fashion production is limited to clothing, wear, attire, and clothing.

Fashion production as it pertains to apparel has come in an utterly protracted manner. The period refers to producing various apparel materials, attire, and style accessories. Several factors have constantly encouraged the production procedure. Over the years, numerous types of style attires have been produced. Many of them have cultural and traditional undertones. Historically, humans used neighborhood materials like animal Perkins, skins, and fur to make the attires they put on.

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