Sooke bands off to national song opposition

Journey Middle School musicians, the 2019 MusicFest became a track to their ears.

The school delivered several domestic awards from the regional track festival held in Port Alberni closing month.

The Sooke college students acquired fine and terrific grades for their performances. All five groups completed and obtained an invite to the Musicfest Nationals in Calgary the subsequent year.

Sooke bands off to national song opposition 1

The Journey musicians acquired the following awards:

• Grade 6, 7 and 8 Concert Band (Superior)

• Grade 7 and eighth Concert Band (incredible plus)

• Grade 8 Concert Band (a great plus)

• District 62 Orchestra (terrific plus)

• District 62 Chamber Ensemble (advanced minus)

“I couldn’t be prouder of the students,” stated Lorna Bjorklund, Journey Band conductor and trainer. “They’ve executed notably well, and we’re excited about the chance to visit Calgary in 2020.

“I’m touched by how the community got here collectively to guide the kids. We had a super crew of parents, instructors, directors, and Sooke citizens who helped make our journeys viable.”

Stella Champagne, who performs the clarinet in the Grade 6 phase, stated college students are enthusiastic about the chance to play in Calgary.

“We have been so amazed after they informed us how nicely we’d carried out,” she said.

The college students also appropriately completed a second event at the Whistler Cantando Music Festival on April 26.

The Grade 6, 7, and 8 bands obtained silver, while the Grade 7 and eight rounds received gold. A

“It changed into the fun to head, and it became a thrilling enjoy,” stated Sienna Lajoie, a flutist in a Grade eight band who attended the Whistler pageant.

The Journey band will carry out the Capital City Jazz pageant in late May and could give other concert events in June.

The band is also planning fundraisers to attend Nationals.

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