AICTE Teachers’ Promotion Will Depend On Student’s Feedback; Sports Must For CBSE Students

AICTE: Students’ Feedback Will Impact Teachers’ Promotion All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) has introduced that longer, instructors AICTE Teachers’ Promotion Will Depend On Student’s Feedback; Sports Must For CBSE Students 1promoting might be impacted by using college students’ comments received using them. Hence, full remarks from students will mean top advertising and a higher salary, while offensive remarks will suggest low probabilities of having merchandising and no increment in salary. Rajive Kumar, an Advisor with AICTE, said, “Since the scholars are immediate and primary stakeholders in training state of affairs, their take holds important, and the new system gives them the due emphasis.”

This new rule by AICTE will come into force for over 10,000 PICTURE-affiliated faculties and institutes, pan-India. According to Rajive, the Board at AICTE continues to compare the mechanism via which feedback may be given and accrued and how it will affect the promotion – Will it be grade-wise or 5-big name rankings? Reports say a ‘360-degree comments are scoring gadget’ is being devised. AICTE comes under the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, and is India’s statutory body for technical training. This is the first time such an arrangement to judge and fee instructors has been devised in India. In the US, RateMyProfessor is a widely known and respected community of instructors and college students, where students supply scores for their teachers and can also remark on their coaching style.

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