Character Helped Her Debunk

The actress tells The Hollywood Reporter how playing Cheryl Blossom in the hit CW series has inspired her to “take greater dangers” with her sartorial selections, securing her reputation as a budding style icon.

It turned into the simplest closing Monday while Madelaine Petsch made her inaugural appearance at the Met Gala, floating onto the purple carpet like a fairy in a winged robe from Jean Paul Gaultier’s SS19 collection. Days later, even speaking to The Hollywood Reporter at New York’s Butterfly Bar, the Riverdale megastar and YouTube persona stated she turned into nevertheless coming down from the high of attending style’s maximum magical night.

“I nevertheless must pinch myself because it’s tough to accept as true with that I went. I cannot agree with that I became invited!” she says. “It became much less frightening or worrying than I thought it’d be. It became a dream come true, virtually.”

Character Helped Her Debunk 1

The past year has manifested Petsch’s wildest style fantasies, marked using a sequence of milestone moments at tentpole events. From strolling the Emmys crimson carpet in Prada to turning heads at Vanity Fair’s Oscars party in Paolo Sebastian to her recent couture show at Anna Wintour’s annual ball, the actress has quickly emerged as a fixture among Hollywood’s fashion set.

“I’ve continually been into style. I always failed to understand the way to express myself with my style the way that I do now,” she says, noting that the relationships she’s constructed with designers — championed with the aid of her stylists, Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn, whose A-list customers include the likes of Jessica Biel and Jennifer Lopez — have helped refine her appearance. “I assume we’ve figured out who I am on a carpet. We’ve finally gotten into a rhythm where I get it. I see my fashion experience as an extra

vividly now, and the story is all coming collectively for me.”

But before execs had been worried, Petsch says that one individual especially had a big hand in upgrading her sartorial narrative: Cheryl Blossom. Growing up with vibrant red hair, Petsch says that she once subscribed to the unspoken rule — or “city legend,” as she calls it — that a ginger mane approach warm shades are off-limits. However, her attitude modified in 2016 no longer lengthy after she gained the role of Riverdale’s resident rich woman, who occurs to have an affinity for all things crimson-colored regardless of her fiery locks.

“When I booked the display, the costume designers [Rebekka Sorensen-Kjelstrup and Hala Bahmet] referred to me and requested, ‘Hey, what shades do you now not like on yourself?'” she recounts. “I said, ‘I’m scared of carrying crimson.’ I became then instructed that red outfits were truly written into Cheryl’s storyline, that they were a massive part of my man or woman. Then, of the path, I turned into, ‘OK, yep, red’s my favorite shade!’ The funny element is that now it certainly is. Cheryl has taught me how to take more risks with shade and be fearless with my very own style.”

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