Getaway’s Catriona Rowntree exhibits her uncommon exercise hack: She works out bare whilst she receives out of the bathe!

After over 20 years at the helm of Australia’s favorite travel display, Getaway, Catriona Rowntree has earned her “Australia’s Most Travelled Woman” title.
Criss-crossing the globe numerous times over, she has transported us to several of the most far-flung destinations on the earth.
Indeed, while Good Health & Wellbeing catches up with the small display screen famous person, she’s sparking off a flight from Alaska.

But at the same time, she’s been lucky enough to see more of the sector than most of us ought ever to desire to, after a long time in the biz – and after you have hitched, moved to the country, and become a mum to 2 younger boys – the TV veteran has discovered that there genuinely is not any location like domestic.
Home for Catriona is a sprawling farm in rural Victoria; this is without traffic noise, full of hen tune, and boasts greenery, as the attention can see. This rustic beauty is a tonic for her soul.

“I know this each day visible has a fine impact on me,” the 47-yr-antique gushes. “We have an orchard, I’ve got my chook residence where I get my eggs from, we produce our honey on the farm, and I’ve created acres of lovely gardens. Being right here with my circle of relatives feeds my soul. It’s pleasing.”
Growing up amidst the hustle and bustle of Sydney, Catriona had by no means imagined lifestyles away from the massive smoke. However, fate intervened by throwing her now-husband, you. S . Victoria-based farmer James Pettit, in her route. Not that their adventure to marital bliss turned into a smooth one.

Getaway's Catriona Rowntree exhibits her uncommon exercise hack: She works out bare whilst she receives out of the bathe! 1
“Long-distance relationships are tough, to begin with,” she reflects. “Back then, I simply notion that obtaining marriage shifted to you. S. And having children will be the top of my expert lifestyle. I did not need to skip the career aspirations I had.”
Breaking up, after which returned collectively after 12 months of soul-searching, in 2007, Catriona and her partner finally became engaged, marrying a year later. Their first son followed the year after, and then a second little boy simply beneath years later.

“I simply turned into the runaway bride!” she laughs. “I changed into a breaking factor – I am going to lose the affection of my life, and every so often, you just ought to trade your complete existence for romance. It’s now not easy, but I learned the tough manner that a hit dating includes compromise.”
The capability to compromise is also something the globetrotter has implemented to exercise. By her admission, the mummy-of-two is “allergic” to operating out, so she’s created unique techniques for ensuring she stays in shape.

On the road

“I don’t assume we need to sense pressure to get to a health club,” she says. “To run across the block or to exert a massive quantity of energy which will stay suit. Perhaps due to my timetable, the reality that I even have an activity, my own hectic family, and stay on a farm, I have mastered the artwork of finding every shortcut.
“A lot of human beings studying this are like me; I’m confident and feature kids strolling around, making it impossible to have the kind of lifestyle in which they could visit a yoga magnificence three times each week. I assume getting your head around something quick and easy is way simpler.
“For me, this entails exercise after my morning shower. I put the towel on the floor and do 50 sit-ups, 20 push-ups, a plank till I disintegrate, and three units of 10 lunges. All in the nude – I don’t intend to freak anyone out with the visible!

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