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How to Assess a Lawn Care Service

In 2017, annual spending on garden care services hit its maximum point in 10 years. More owners are hiring businesses—from nearby outfits to countrywide corporations, together with TruGreen and Lawn Doctor—to develop and preserve their landscaping, to the music of loads of greenbacks in line with month over three seasons 12 months.

When attempting to find an employer, consider your garden’s troubled regions. Maybe weeds have taken over, or a few unknown blights are attacking your shrubbery. Lawn care companies deliver a “fitness” checkup and prescribe a treatment plan for your garden.

That often begins with a soil evaluation, says Eric A. Brown, Ph.D. director of agronomy for Massey Services, a Florida pest management and garden care enterprise. If a pro indicates trying out the soil and checking its acidity, Brown says, it’s a good indicator that he knows what he is doing. “They must additionally study your plants to word, for example, if they’re within the proper region for the conditions.” He says a seasoned needs to decide whether or not your modern irrigation gadget is getting the process finished.

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Before hiring anyone, Jason Henderson, Ph.D., accomplice professor of turfgrass and soil sciences at the University of Connecticut, recommends asking a professional about her credentials. Does she have proper schooling in turfgrass technology or agronomy (the technological know-how of soil management)? What does she do to persevere with education, or how does she stay present-day with today’s first-class practices? It would help if you also asked whether she’s active in any expert businesses, including the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

The NALP also advises asking neighbors for references and ensuring a company is certified if that’s a demand in your country. Certain states have online databases you could seek to discover whether or not an enterprise or a person is valid.

Get bids from a couple of corporations. The proposals must detail the services they recommend on your lawn and the associated fees. And don’t always cross for the bottom charge.

“You need a lawn service that is going to customize what you need as opposed to just trying to place a square peg in a round hole,” says Frank Rossi, Ph.D. turfgrass professional at Cornell University. “Ask them if they’re going to be bendy about the services they offer.”

Editor’s Note: This article also appeared in the July 2019 trouble of Consumer Reports magazine.

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