Prisons ‘closing hotel for human beings with mental health problems’

Northern Ireland’s justice machine is being used as a final resort for human beings with mental health problems, according to the Northern Ireland Audit Office.

A report has discovered almost -thirds of human beings arrested through police had an intellectual fitness difficulty.

The audit workplace file additionally checked out the Northern Ireland Prison Service.

It discovered 36% of inmates had been in touch with community intellectual fitness services on the time of entering prison between 2014 and 2018.

The document, Mental Health inside the Criminal Justice System, has been published at some point of Mental Health Awareness Week.

It states that the fitness gadget has determined it an increasing number of hard to deal with the boom in intellectual health needs across the overall population.

As an end result, it discovered that the justice machine becomes entering touch with growing numbers of people who’ve no longer had to get entry to to the fitness and social care services they want.

The report also mentioned that the present day pattern of quick-time period custodial sentences is taken into consideration to be ineffective in treating and rehabilitating prisoners with mental health problems.

The audit office highlighted research by means of the probation board which showed that forty-two % of offenders have an intellectual fitness issue, and 72% have an emotional well-being difficulty.

Auditor General Kieran Donnelly said that the justice device becomes having to address those who had fallen between the gaps of the wider public carrier.

He stated: “While the justice system is pursuing more than a few reform measures to meet this task, the evidence to date shows that greater effective coordination is needed among justice companies and different key offerings, in particular fitness, training, and housing offerings.

“That is why my record recommends more potent cross-departmental leadership, extra clarity, and settlement between companies on what the justice machine can and hopes to attain, and better recording of intellectual health issues and effects for people.”

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