San Antonio’s Whimsical Dessert Pop-Up Is Coming to Austin

San Antonio-based dessert pop-up Honeysuckle Teatime is entering Austin this spring and summer. There are two scheduled pop-America right now, with more significant to come back later.

San Antonio’s Whimsical Dessert Pop-Up Is Coming to Austin 1

The confection business enterprise from proprietor and chef Sara Lauren Hinojosa specializes in tea-infused goodies. This approach goes from cutesy cakes, overloaded milkshakes, macarons, and cupcakes to meringues.

Before starting Honeysuckle in San Antonio, Hinojosa worked in the fine eating and artwork gallery realms in New York. She prefers the pop-up mode because it lets her test and have fun with extraordinary subject matters and ideas (Game of Thrones and Selena). Honeysuckle additionally accepts custom and catering orders.

Honeysuckle’s first Austin pop-up will highlight over-the-top lavender-vanilla milkshakes topped with cupcakes, meringues, plants, and glitter. Also on sale might be miniature cakes. This takes vicinity at shoe shop Toms on 1401 South Congress Avenue on Saturday, May 11, from 11 a.m. To 4 p.M. Tickets are $8, which include an unmarried milkshake.

Then, there’s a cupcake decorating class with drinks and complimentary cocktails. That one takes vicinity on Saturday, June 8, at Broad Studios on 1023 Springdale Road, Suite 6D, from 1 to a few p.M. Tickets are $50, consisting of a take-home redecorating package.

These are several of Honeysuckle’s final Texas pop-ups because Hinojosa is shifting the dessert employer to New York in August. She has plans for future pop-u Austin places like speakeasy Midnight Cowboy, rings shop Kendra Scott, and apparel store Madewell, even though further details aren’t acknowledged. Next week is Honeysuckle’s final one in San Antonio, too.

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