Watch: Robber takes cash from girl at an ATM, returns it after seeing her account stability

A knife-wielding thief had an alternate of coronary heart mid-way thru a robbery and determined to return the money he took from the victim.Watch: Robber takes cash from girl at an ATM, returns it after seeing her account stability 1

In an incident that passed off at an ATM in southern China’s Guangdong province, the woman had withdrawn 2,500 yuan (around Rs 26,000) while the robber approached her and demanded she provides him the cash. According to the South China Morning Post, he then requested to look at her financial institution stability – perhaps to check if she may want to get her to withdraw a few more money and hand it over to him – only to find out that she was left without cash in her account.

CCTV photos then showed him returning the money sheepishly, apparently feeling awful for her. But that no longer protected him from the regulation, with the police figuring out him and detaining him.

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