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It’s a smooth spelling mistake to make: One greater ‘s’ turns a desert island (the lonesome, sandy type you’d locate Tom Hanks on) into a ‘dessert’ island, like something out of Willy Wonka’s imagination.

The humans in this Reddit thread have taken that idea and run with it. The user, u/Krubz9, asked: “If you were stranded on a desert island, what might you need that dessert to be?”

The responses are incredibly considerate – and pretty delicious sounding to boot…

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Cloakedbore was taken into consideration the downsides of ice cream: “Ice cream might be cold and harm to lay on for the relaxation of your life. I need something sustainable but received to kill me. I’d pass for a fruit pizza; the cream cheese would be demanding; however, if the pizza becomes massive, I should sleep on comfy oranges or something. Plus, I get a bit of more healthy food through consuming the culmination in comparison to regular pure sugar.”

iammaxhailme emphasized retaining the shape of a pudding island: “It’ll need to be something with first-rate structural integrity if you’re going to live on it. Ice cream is just too bloodless. Candy is too sticky. The most cake is too smooth or spongy.”

Their end? “I guess I’d say a big ol’ chocolate chip cookie.”

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70720 is already making a getaway plan: “I think if it becomes made of biscotti, I should construct a raft out of it and go away.”

BattleNunForalltime has luxurious in thoughts: “Peach cobbler. Soft, warm, a bit of fruit to stave off death, but that notable flaky crust to sit on. Pools of peachy syrup to bask in. Heaven.”

Joos_Toos’ traditional choice works in all seasons: “Apple pie & ice cream! During the summertime, you chill with the ice cream a part of it, and during the wintry weather, you bunker down into the new gooey apple pie.”

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d2factotum will be prepared with a pickaxe: “The sincerely hard chocolate dessert they used to serve in UK schools lower back in the Nineteen Seventies. It would be inflexible enough to honestly walk around on while also being scrumptious (supplied you had an put in force hard sufficient to knock bits off it).”

GreatJustinTheDarkNi changed into to start with harassed; however, it is now wholly on-board: “I study it as wasteland island, and I’m wondering why every person is saying favored goodies or cakes, I’ll take an ice-cream Antarctica then.”

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The wet cardboard smell may be very worried about dehydration: “Really relies upon what I have round to drink. I become thinking bread pudding- but I’d get so thirsty. If there’s nothing to drink, and I’m simply on a massive dessert the scale of an island, jello? That might suck, but I wouldn’t be amazing thirsty.”

While aussieswoopyboi went leisurely: “Waffles with whipped cream” – and Krubz9 made a few super renovations: “The crevices in waffles could make best little hot tubs.”

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