Juice and smoothie store in Jupiter adds CBD oil to drinks

CBD oil smoothie at Modern Juice Company in Jupiter
JUPITER, Fla. — A great juice and smoothie shop in Jupiter directly delivered a new ingredient to one of their beverages, CBD oil.Juice and smoothie store in Jupiter adds CBD oil to drinks 1

It is the communication of the town at Modern Juice Company.

The CBD smoothie is called “Blueberry Green Go,” the proprietor, John Sullivan, stated they might add it to more juices inside the Destiny.

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“We will increase our services,” said Sullivan.

Dr. Ken Grey, a holistic physician, stated he has been prescribing it for years and consulted on how to get it off the floor.

He stated it is ideal for diverse reasons.

“Anti-inflammatory, anti-seizure,” said Grey. “It enables with insomnia, pain allows with pressure stages.”

Grey mentioned that humans are pressured by CBD oil.

“You can take this properly without demanding approximately being high,” Grey stated. “It comes from hemp and not marijuana.”Juice and smoothie store in Jupiter adds CBD oil to drinks 2

“I think it’s slowly operating its way from the truth. It’s not weed, and we aren’t putting weed in our smoothies,” stated Sullivan. “There are true blessings to the CBD oil, so it’s simply teaching the clients.”

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