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Grab may be classified as e-constitution transport operator

The Ministry of Transport prepared the assembly with different ministries, transport operators, and associations to accumulate feedback for the eighth model of the draft decree before offering it to the prime minister before April 15 as scheduled. Many participants in the assembly proposed Grab be indexed as an e-charter delivery operator.

A Ministry of Public Security (MPS) representative noted that Grab changed into a brand new shipping carrier issuer that applies technology to its operations. The local people use its offerings extensively thanks to its handy capabilities.Grab may be classified as e-constitution transport operator 1

The MPS representative cautioned the applicable agencies to clarify Grab’s enterprise shape and categorize it by winning policies while implementing stringent management guidelines on the company in phrases of protection necessities for vehicles and drivers, service charges, and tax and financial duties to the State.
Representing Grab Vietnam, Nguyen Ngoc Trang asserted that Grab is an e-trade buying and selling ground because it was formerly registered with the Ministry of Industry and Trade. He additionally mentioned that a few terms stipulated in the draft decree had been redundant and illogical.

Meanwhile, some assembly contributors voiced opposition to the concept of listing Grab as an e-constitution delivery service issuer.
Nguyen Cong Hung, chairman of the Hanoi Taxi Association, was quoted using Nguoi Lao Dong Online as pronouncing that the software of electronic capabilities to operations is merely a delivery connection technique. It is illogical to name a new shipping provider kind based totally on the relationship method, Hung said.
Also, Khuat Viet Hung, vice president of the National Traffic Safety Committee, stated that the five forms of shipping services regulated within the Law on Road Traffic had been enough, and a new carrier was no longer needed.

Wrapping up the meeting, Deputy Minister of Transport Le Dinh Tho remarked that the unit compiling the draft decree would take the feedback into attention. He counseled the relevant parties to work on the draft decree before sending it to the top minister.

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