Diet Advice: Go Nuts!

Research on individuals who devour nuts indicates they may be beneficial in controlling weight. However, some are better for you than others. KPRC’s Haley Hernandez reports. Research on folks who eat nuts shows they’ll help maintain weight; however, a few are better for you than others.

Diet Advice: Go Nuts! 1

Dietitian Erin Gussler says the trick is restricting nuts to at least one handful at snack time. “Most people don’t need to get out measuring cups and things like that, so I normally say a handful...Now, not the claw, where it’s overflowing, however, a handful,” Gussler says. Her favored nuts are Brazil nuts for their disorder-fighting attributes. These have more excellent selenium than other nuts, essential for thyroid characteristics and replica. “High doses of selenium can cause toxicity, so I commonly suggest if you are going to do a Brazil nut, 3 to 6 a day is the recommendation,” she warns. Gussler says maximum nuts are top-notch to get your micronutrients. In addition to protein, fiber, and healthful fat, nuts additionally deliver respectable quantities of magnesium, potassium, and vitamin E.

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